T-Shirts as Art

Grace X Power T-Shirt

Grace X T-Shirt Collection FW2021

Back in the 90’s I airbrushed a lot of T-Shirts. Between the two years I spent managing the Universal Studios airbrush t-shirt booth to the hundreds of parties I worked, I would estimate the total t-shirts I painted at 35,000 give or take. That’s a lot of airbrushing! In the 2000’s, I shifted to perfecting the art of the airbrush tattoo and probably airbrushed somewhere in the neighborhood of 200,000 temporary tattoos. Covid-19 has returned me to designing T-Shirts, and I would say that this is the textbook definition of a silver lining!


Shibori Baby!

Aside for my passion for the airbrush, I am now blessed to have the opportunity to have added to my artistic repertoire the Japanese art of Shibori dyeing techniques as well as the ancient art of developing and maintaining a “living” vat of natural Indigo dye. The GXO T-Shirt collection features a constantly evolving selection of dye patterns, and let me just put this as delicately as I can: I am happier than a girl in a vat of Indigo!


Grace X Originals Studio - Shibori T-Shirts Drying