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Grace X Mask Collection FW2020

My mask collection is like no other you will find on the market. Why? I have been a mask enthusiast and have been researching masks for my own needs since long before Covid-19 changed everything. In my former life as an airbrush makeup artist, I realized I needed to create a good masks for my team when we were hired by Mongo DB to give hundreds of temporary airbrushed tattoos to entertain guests inside of a Lamborghini. Fun idea but I was completely overwhelmed and ill by my own fumes! This was not my first experience spraying in confined places. So I learned about masks. I set about designing the best mask for the issue. It was only a few months later that my airbrush tattoo business was shut down due to Covid-19. I saw the opportunity to create a solution to an entirely different problem, a life-threatening problem.



No Mask Shall Be Sold Before its Time

Instead of jumping into a white hot market with a cheap face covering like you see EVERYWHERE, I went into my studio laboratory and didn’t emerge for 120 days. As a recent Colon Cancer survivor and someone with a challenged immune system, I needed to design a mask that was more like armor than a shield. I took my time and designed the best face covering on the market. Most of my masks feature a denim outer layer which is as durable and breathable as it is decorative. The outer layer is lined with non-woven fabric. The inner lining is 100% cotton which is gentle on the face and absorbs moisture quickly. We offer our masks in pocket w/ filter and no-pocket, built-in filter options. The pocket w/filter option has 8 layers of protection when worn with the filter inserted. The built-in filter option has 5 layers of protection built into it.

Grace X Lava Sunrise Denim Mask


Proper Look and Feel

All my mask designs feature my signature double top stitch. This has a very special purpose: The top stitches hold the inner layers in place which covers the front from the inside – adding protection to the front of the mask when the stitches meet. This structure is then molded into the shape of the mask which is engineered to PROPERLY fit all face types for all scenarios – including situations when the wearer must speak constantly or wear the masks all day, e.g. reporters or restaurant workers or any front line workers.


… is in the Details

When it comes to straps, I solved an issue that was a huge problem for me personally because I have the TINIEST ears on an adult that I’ve ever seen. “Regular” elastic straps literally fail for me every time because my ears can’t hold up to the resistance. To solve this issue, I created a strap that bypasses the ears and relies on a lanyard strap that holds the mask in place without putting any pressure on the ears at all. I then created a double strap style that offers even MORE comfort and adjust-ability for the wearer. The really cool part is that when you are not wearing your mask, it can hang conveniently from your neck until you need it! The lanyard straps are finished with bronze aglets and easy to adjust toggle clasps.

Grace X Originals Covid-19 Masks

Easy Fluid Motion – A Mask You Love to Wear

Putting the mask on is an easy fluid motion that will save you time and effort without having to fumble around with the straps and fasteners. It’s also a very wearable style for those with short or long hair. Great for ponytails and man-buns, these straps help to avoid those bad hair days. You can even easily wear a hat!

Did I overthink it? YES! Would you have it any other way? NO WAY RAY! Now take the old t-shirts, rags, socks and bandanas that you’ve been wearing on your mug and throw them in the garbage – where they belong! Jump right in and peruse the selection of masks that I have created for your safety and pleasure.

—   Grace X Lovejoy Grace X Loves You!